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What is Perfect Storm?

We're a group that wishes to take a holistic approach to supporting artists in the Augusta area. We believe that in order to fully support the burgeoning community of art talent we have, we need to provide:

  • Education. Not only in traditional fields like drawing and painting, but in topics that interest our students like sequential art and the anime style of illustration. Whether you are a beginner or have advanced skills, we can help you construct a foundation you can build on.
  • Services. Artists know that their needs are unique, and we completely understand. We wish to provide services such as printing, branding, and publishing from a by artists, for artists standpoint.
  • Mentorship. Once you're a student of Perfect Storm, you're with us for life. We wish to support and provide guidance for our students in whatever endeavors they choose. Whether you stick with us, work on your projects personally, or move on to another business, we've got you covered.

By providing these three pillars of support, we aim to be a Perfect Storm in providing assistance to the artists of our area!


What kind of services does Perfect Storm provide?

Currently, we are only providing art classes in various subjects including beginner-level techniques, manga style, and figure drawing. Please check the art page at our current host, the, to see exactly which courses are being offered now and how to enroll.

More services and classes will be offered soon, so don't forget to follow us for updates!


Who is Perfect Storm?

We're a like-minded group of artists that wish to provide education and support for other artists in the Augusta area.

  • Xavier Jones has 25 years of art instruction and 5 years of teaching under his belt. His specialities are illustration and graphic design.
  • Sheldon Eastman does comic and manga-style art, design and illustration, and advertising. See his DeviantART for his work!
  • Brian Webb is a former student of Xavier and Sheldon with about five years experience in freelance character design and illustration.
  • Lee Webb is another former student of Xavier, self-taught in webdesign and coding.


Where are Perfect Storm's services being offered?

Currently, we are only offering classes periodically, hosted at the in downtown Augusta. Please check their event schedule for specific meeting dates and times, along with information on how to enroll in classes.


How can I support Perfect Storm?

We are currently in the start-up phase and are doing our best to get all our services up and running. If you would like to make a donation to Perfect Storm, you can use the form below.

There are other means of supporting us, too! Please spread the word about us, connect to our spaces on the web! For other ways of helping us out, please contact us! Whatever you do, we thank you very much for your time and support!


How can I get in contact with the Perfect Storm team?

Our primary modes of contacts are:

(706) 829 6796

We also have a very active Facebook page, and will respond to posting and messages in a timely fashion, so don't be shy! Come check us out. :)